Rest Stop Identity Theft

July 26, 2012

James Dale Morgan learned the hard way that you have to be careful not to trust people you just met. He learned this lesson over the course of several years, in which his became the identity of choice for James Craig Layland. Morgan originally met Layland at a rest stop in Alabama three years ago. Since then, Morgan has dealt with the aftermath of Layland’s problems with the IRS, an expensive ring purchase, medical bills and more. His greatest problem, though, is the most recent one, which occurred when Layland was arrested and used his identification and name.

This was not a minor arrest for something like shoplifting a candy bar. Instead, Layland was running from the police, hit a car and ended up killing a woman. According to police reports, Morgan was arrested for this crime. However, the real James Dale Morgan was at home in Texas when the incident occurred.

Morgan ended up driving over one thousand miles just to get his name removed from the police reports, proving to authorities that the real criminal was not who he said he was. Layland is wanted on several charges, but this appears to be the most serious one. With Layland finally in custody, Morgan hopes that his troubles are over. They would have been over a long time ago if he had an identity theft protection plan.

He could have had a note on his file that may have prevented Layland from making some of the purchases that he made using Morgan’s accounts. That may have resulted in his arrest much earlier. If you don’t have an identity protection service right now, I urge you to look into one. You never know what kind of havoc identity theft can wreak on your life if you don’t take steps to prevent it.