Starbucks and Things Remembered Data Breach

January 13, 2009

Starbucks has been in deep water lately with it’s employees.

After an incident two years ago regarding four misplaced laptops, Starbucks is again the victim of theft. A laptop containing the information of almost 100,000 employees was stolen, and these employees have been notified that personal data, including names, addresses, Social Security numbers, and other information are at risk for misuse.

These employees have been encouraged to monitor financial accounts for strange activity, and credit protection services have been offered to protect employee information from being used inappropriately.

Luxottica Group (Things Remembered Retail Store)
Molly Burns, 30, of Glendale, Arizona, is on the run after it was discovered she hacked into the Things Remembered retail computer mainframe and downloaded personal information of almost 60,000 former employees.

The information technology department of Luxottica Retail was able to trace the IP address back to Burns. Her arrest record includes drug and theft charges, and her criminal history is definitely worrisome.

Police have confiscated computers from her apartment, but Burns is on the run.

Those affected may want to buy identity theft protection.