Records Dumped Leaving Unknown Number of Gym Members at Risk for Identity Theft

June 2, 2012

In Phoenix, Arizona, a passerby noticed a dumpster overflowing with paperwork and decided to investigate. In the dumpster were boxes of paperwork that included membership information for a gym called Fitness 1, which had sold the memberships to LA Fitness back in 2000.

The companies were contacted, and no one is willing to admit how the paperwork got there. The paperwork contained information such as Social Security numbers, canceled checks, and personal data that is kept on record at the office. The attorney for the original company, Fitness 1, came to pick up the documents and said he was going to either bury them at the dumpster or shred them to protect the members’ identity.

If you or someone you know was a member of either gym, your information may have been at risk. Contact the credit reporting agencies and place fraud alerts, and be sure to consider third party credit monitoring services to ensure that your financial accounts are in order and uncompromised.