Past and Present Alumni of Messiah College in Pennsylvania at Risk for Identity Theft After Hard Drive Goes Missing

December 7, 2010

The financial aid department of Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania is currently investigating the loss of an external hard drive that was used to back up information and data from their laptops regarding past and present Messiah College students. This information, which may effect some 43,000 students, included information such as birth dates, Social Security numbers, and school transcripts.

Currently, it appears as though the situation is more in favor of a misplaced hard drive and not one that was necessarily stolen, say police investigators and Messiah College officials. However, the college must take the proper steps and protective measures to be sure their students’ information is not at risk for identity theft.

Messiah College has set up a help line for students to call for more information: 888-747-5399. The situation is still under investigation; however, it is important that those who are worried about their information sign up for services such as credit report monitoring to ensure their financial data is safe from tampering.