Owner of Life Insurance Company Caught Dumping Sensitive Files in Dumpster

April 18, 2013

A life insurance company in Fishers, Indiana, GNP Consultants, is currently under investigation due to the illegal dumping of personally sensitive client information in an office dumpster.

WTHR, a news station in the area, was investigating a report of files trashed in an outdoor dumpster, along with a desktop computer tower. These files were from clients of GNP Consultants, and included financial information, birth dates, home addresses, and social security numbers. As the news crew was documenting the incident with their video cameras, the owner, George Pappas, was bringing out more documentation to the dumpster to throw away. He eventually admitted to throwing away the documents on camera with the news station, and investigators are in the process of obtaining the files and determining the violations, both federal and state, that he may be punished for.

Clients who have used GNP Consultants in the past should consider identity theft protection services to monitor accounts and ensure that their information is safe.