Over Half Million Affected By University of Nebraska Security Breach

June 23, 2012

A serious data breach has occurred at the University of Nebraska that affects over 654,000 individuals. The database that stores student information for all four campuses was accessed, leaving personal information of students and applicants dating back to 1985 at risk. Social Security numbers, names, addresses, birth dates, transcripts, and financial aid records are all at risk after this incident occurred, leaving the Nebraska Student Information System (NeSIS) vulnerable.

While there is no evidence that proves that any of the information was downloaded or used fraudulently, it is still of high concern to the university. An investigation is underway, and the university has created a specific website ( http://www.nebraska.ed /security ) for those with questions or concerns regarding this incident.

In cases such as these, it is important for everyone to be vigilant about their personal data, and take the steps to proactively protect themselves from identity theft with credit report monitoring services and identity theft protection.