Misplaced Computer Drive Leaves 93,000 Patients at Risk for Identity Theft

April 25, 2011

After a computer hard drive goes missing from MidState Medical Center in Hartford, Connecticut, an investigation has begun and letters have gone out to some 93,000 patients who may be affected by this security breach.

It is unsure as to whether the hard drive had been lost or stolen, but it disappeared around February 15th and has not been found. Therefore, the Connecticut attorney general and the Department of Consumer Protection are working together with MidState Medical Center to determine the appropriate actions at this point.

Letters have been sent to patients that may have been affected by this situation, and MidState is offering Debix identity protection services for two years to everyone that may be negatively affected by this situation. In the meantime, it is being investigated to determine the whereabouts of the hard drive and its contents.