Memphis Area Adult Literacy Charity Investigating Improper Dumping of Sensitive Financial Documents

May 6, 2013

In Memphis, Tennessee, the adult literacy charity, Literacy Mid-South, is currently investigating why years of documentation ended up unshredded and dumped in an outside, publicly-accessible dumpster. The paperwork includes cancelled checks, social security numbers, and expense reports with tax ID numbers, all which can be used for financial identity theft.

The director of the charity, Kevin Dean, is unaware how the paperwork ended up in the dumpster. The office of his charity is moving, and paperwork was being converted to digital records. During this switchover, workers were instructed to shred the paperwork while maintaining the paperwork from 2005 onward. This was not done, and may result in identity theft of thousands of donors and board of director members. The group is currently investigation, and anyone who has donated or worked for Literacy Mid- South are encouraged to consider credit report monitoring services to maintain proper financial records.