Four Women Charged for Identity Theft in Texas

January 12, 2011

Four women from Waco, Texas were charged with numerous counts of aggravated identity theft after the four worked together to collect and utilize personal informational obtained through Fingerprint Applicant Services of Texas (or FAST) in order to open fraudulent credit cards and purchase goods and services under these aliases.

One of the women, Angela Cueller, 32, is charged with six counts of aggravated identity theft as she was the one employed by Integrated Biometrics Technology. After working with the company for three months, she stole thousands of applications for background checks through the company and used the sensitive information to obtain credit card accounts.

Integrated Biometrics Technology is unable to determine whose information was used for these fraudulent credit accounts, but encourage anyone who feels they may have been a victim to contact the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office (254-757-5100) and to obtain a copy of their credit reports to determine if their financial data has been compromised, and if so, sign up for credit monitoring services to ensure no more attempts at compromising their data is continued.