LifeLock Review

February 24, 2017

LifeLock offers an extensive package of services for identity theft protection and are seen by many as the pioneers of the industry. They are certainly the leaders with over 4 million customers and are owned by Symantec, the makers of Norton Internet Security, and are thus well positioned to maintain their lead in digital safety. In fact, LifeLock Ultimate Plus™ (their premium product) is the most comprehensive identity protection service available. We’ll get to Ultimate in a bit but first lets take a look at their standard service.

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Identity Theft Restoration

One of our favorite parts about their service is that unlike other companies who assist you in restoring your identity, leaving you to do the majority of the work, LifeLock’s complete restoration program ensures that they do most of the work and you only assist them. Of course, the best part about being with LifeLock is that the chance of becoming an identity theft victim is slim.

The LifeLock organization stands behind its product with a Total Service Guarantee‡. If, when you are subscribed to the service, your identity is compromised, they will spend up to $1 million to work with you to recover any damages this identity theft has caused. These funds can be used for a good number of expenses, such as legal fees, private investigators, case managers and anything else that is needed to recoup your financial loss and restore your identity to its pre-theft status.

Its experts will also share with you their wide-ranging knowledge on how to proceed with the investigation so that you will know exactly what steps they are taking as well as what steps you should take to minimize your inconvenience and time commitment. LifeLock’s service in this area sets it apart from other identity theft services who act more as advisers to you, leaving you with more tasks to do then you would with LifeLock behind you.

LifeLock Identity Theft Protection

Lifelock will monitor your credit and identity with its Identity Alert System™ by scanning 1000’s of databases for potential identity theft situations. Their system detects when someone uses your personal information to apply for credit, credit cards, loans and utilities and more. By monitoring millions of data records, they keep a complete eye on your personal information and notifies you by email, regular mail and/or phone of threatening activity†.

LifeLock tracks illegal online databases, well-known for their use by identity thieves, to insure that your information is not present. Information placed on one of these sites is oftentimes being sold, traded or distributed illegally for fraudulent purposes.

LifeLock also does a comprehensive search to make sure that no one changes your address without your knowledge. You will be notified of any address changes that are made as soon as they happen. This is an important service since a typical practice of identity thieves is to change the address on your accounts and then collect your statements without you knowing about it. Smart thieves only do this for a few days so you remain unaware.

Additional Conveniences

LifeLock will remove you from pre-approved credit card offers that identity thieves love to steal.

If you lose your purse or wallet LifeLock will help you get your credit cards and identification canceled and then replaced. This will reduce you frustration and save your valuable time. They will also connect you to the proper authorities if you were a victim of theft.

LifeLock Ultimate Plus™

With LifeLock Ultimate Plus™ a ton of services are added that not only enhance their credit protection system but also protects their members from other types of identity theft. LifeLock Ultimate Plus™ has a higher price tag, $296.90 with our discount, and includes all the features of LifeLocks original service but adds the following:

Advanced Checking and Savings Account Alerts†
LifeLock is able to detect account changes or even account openings in your name at over 350 banking institutions including all major and a vast majority of regional banks. You are alerted when contact information changes on existing credit cards, checking, and savings accounts thus notifying you of a potential account takeover.

Investment Account Activity Alerts†
Similar to the checking and savings account alerts but LifeLock is the only company able to provide activity alerts on investment accounts that you register with them.

$1 Million Stolen Funds Reimbursement‡

Credit Inquiry Activity
Notifies of inquiries on you credit.

Annual credit report (3 Bureaus) and Monthly Credit Score Tracking
Includes 24/7 online access to your annual credit report and monthly credit score.

Court Records Alerts and Reports
Lists court records that match your name and date of birth from county courts, Departments of Corrections (DOC), offices of Administration of Courts (AOC) and other legal agencies to help you verify that criminals aren’t using your name to commit crimes.

Fictitious Identity Monitoring
Lists alternate names associated with other pieces of your identity (Social Security number, driver’s license, etc.) found in public records.

Address Change Verification
So identity thieves can’t change your address and use the new address to impersonate you.

File Sharing Network Searches

Actively monitors unregulated internet and file-sharing networks for your identity information and alerts you by e-mail or phone thus helping to protect you against accidental personal information disclosures that may lead to identity theft.

Sex Offender Registry Alerts and Reports

Lists registered sex offender records for your zip code. It will also alert you if a sex offender is fraudulently using your address.

LIfeLock also offers identity theft protection for kids under age 16. Youth protection is available in conjunction with the purchase of an adult membership at a considerably lower price. (Only one adult membership per household is required. Then you can purchase plans for as many children as necessary).

LifeLock has customer service available 24/7. Just call them at 1-800-LifeLoc. All their employees including the call center is American based in Tempe, Arizona. If you wish to enroll by phone and receive a 10% discount for each year you remain a member simply tell them you want to use promotion code “Best Price”. That will guarantee you the best price offered to consumers for LifeLock.

LifeLock Promotion

Visit today via one of the links on this site or type into your browser and use the promotion code “Best Price” (without the quotes) when you register to save 10% every year.

You’ll enjoy a full year of service, including the Total Service Guarantee‡, for just under $99 a year for LifeLock Standard™ or $296.90 for LifeLock Ultimate Plus™ and best of all you will continue to receive this discounted rate every year. This is the best LifeLock Promotion code available for consumers. The rate for a child’s membership is just $22.50 per year. These discounted rates are good for the life of your membership.

Identity theft protection has never been more important, both for you and for your children. There are 8 to 10 million American identity theft victims each year. The Russian Mafia was found to have stolen 500,000 bank and credit card numbers a few years ago and the online virus they use has not been stopped. In what experts are calling a very sophisticated ring, bank and credit card details from in store purchases all over Europe were stolen. They had planted a small wireless device in the credit and debit card readers, made in China, that captured numbers, passwords, names and addresses and transmitted them to a server in Afghanistan.

The threat of identity theft is very real costing our economy $50 Billion a year and devastating the lives of far too many Americans. The time to protect yourself with LifeLock is right now, before you need the protection of their guarantee‡, before some low life criminal or organized criminal ring targets you and your hard earned money or your child’s future credit opportunities.

Click here now to get started with LifeLock. You will be taken to, their secure site, where you will need to provide some information about you, necessary for them to protect your identity, and your credit card details to pay for the service. The discount will be automatically applied. Peace of mind is literally a few minutes away.

For those who don’t like giving their credit card over the internet or simply prefer to call you can reach out to well trained Americans 24/7 by dialing 1-800-LifeLoc, that’s 1-800-543-3562. Simply mention promotion code “Best Price” and they will discount the price 10% and continue to give you this discount every year you remain a member. Call them now.

No one can prevent all identity theft.
†LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.

‡Stolen Funds Reimbursement benefits and Service Guarantee benefits for State of New York members are provided under a Master Insurance Policy underwritten by State National Insurance Company. Benefits for all other members are provided under a Master Insurance Policy underwritten by United Specialty Insurance Company. Under the Stolen Funds Reimbursement, LifeLock will reimburse stolen funds up to $25,000 for Standard membership, up to $100,000 for Advantage membership and up to $1 Million for Ultimate Plus membership. Under the Service Guarantee LifeLock will spend up to $1 Million to hire experts to help your recovery. Please see the policy for terms, conditions and exclusions at .