ID Watchdog Review

September 1, 2010

When you’re shopping for identity theft protection services, you probably want to make sure you have all your bases covered. ID Watchdog’s service tries to do just that with its four step process, which allows it to evaluate, monitor, detect and resolve. It touts itself as being about more than just credit, as in it looks at far more than just your credit reports and helps protect you from many types of identity theft.

The first step of the plan, which you can order on its own if you like, is to use idCHECK to determine how at risk you really are. To do so, you complete a questionnaire known as the Personal Risk Assessment. It has questions regarding your financial and online activities. Next, the service scans databases to look for instances where your Social Security number appears and checks them against your name and address. This results in your Identity Profile Report. Lastly, the service compares your report to the reports of others to determine your personal risk of becoming a victim and also gives you tips on how to reduce the likelihood of its occurrence. All of this takes less than 10 minutes.

Using your Identity Profile Report as a benchmark, ID Watchdog will then check the databases again, using a regular schedule, to ensure there are no unauthorized changes. If anything out of the ordinary is detected you will be notified as soon as possible. You can either note that the changes are made by you and authorized or mark them as unauthorized and turn to ID Watchdog for further assistance.

Further assistance can include an ID SnapShot, which involves ID Watchdog searching databases for information regarding your identity and generating a report. It will check for your information on your credit reports, your driving record, your vehicle registration records, criminal and warrants records, sex offender registries and terror watch lists. It will also check for legal or financial issues that may have been created due to you being victimized by identity thieves. You’ll receive an itemized report and be able to have a phone consultation to discuss potential problems. You can purchase this service on its own if you wish by calling the customer service number.

If you’ve been victimized by an identity thief, ID Watchdog can help you get your life back using a program it calls ID Rehab. Representatives can help you complete the steps needed to restore your identity by speaking with agencies that will need to make changes to your records so that you don’t have to. This service is free if the theft occurs while you’re enrolled in the ID Watchdog program. Otherwise, you can purchase it for an additional fee. This service is guaranteed. In fact, that’s what we love about ID Watchdog, they have the most straight forward guarantee in the industry. They will do whatever it takes to restore your identity, it’s their 100% resolution guarantee.

Id Watchdog Platinum, which is the signature package and contains all of the above services is $19.95 per month.