Guard Dog ID Review

September 7, 2010

Guard Dog ID offers a package of nine different services designed to help you combat identity theft. The focus of the plan is on taking a proactive and aggressive stance where your personal information is concerned. With this plan, the hope is that thieves will be deterred from victimizing members and that any breaches will be dealt with quickly before too much damage can be done.

In April 2011, Guard Dog ID was purchased by CSIdentity and it is unclear if the following services will be offered by the new owners.

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Nine Basic Services
People who sign up for the basic Guard Dog Id Plan receive the following services:

*Insurance – Up to $1 million in insurance, with no deductible, can be used if a person under the coverage of the plan loses wages, incurs covered expenses or has funds transferred illegally as a result of identity theft. This insurance is offered by Personal Identity Coverage. Each victim will also receive a written guide and have the assistance of trained customer service specialists.

*Identity Restoration – Another service for people who are victimized while under the coverage of the plan, this one takes a lot of the hard work out of restoring an identity. Guard Dog ID representatives will consult with the victim about exactly what happened and what information was compromised and then contact the proper parties, including the credit bureaus, creditors, financial institutions and law enforcement to sort out the situation.

*Net Deflect –The service checks for each covered member’s personal information on illegal websites, bulletin boards and chat rooms where identity thieves routinely sell our personally identifiable information. If any information is found, it generates a report of what was found and where it was discovered.

*WalletGuard – If a covered member loses his or her wallet, this service will provide a free consultation on what needs to be done to prevent the person from being victimized by an identity thief. A representative can cancel credit cards, place fraud alerts and increase credit monitoring as needed.

*Court Records – Since sometimes identity thieves will use others’ identities when they commit crimes, this service will check for criminal actions which are recorded using each members’ name or other identifying information. Reports are generated monthly.

*Names & Aliases – Because thieves sometimes use some of a person’s personal information but not all of it, this service provides a search to see if a person’s Social Security number or drivers license number is associated with a name or address that is not correct. This can help a victim discover if someone is using his or her information under an alias.

*PervertAlert – Since convicted sex offenders sometimes commit crimes using stolen identities, Guard Dog Id provides this service to let people know of sex offenders in their local area and helps to track whether or not they are using members’ information.

*SSIndicator – To insure that others aren’t using members’ Social Security numbers, this service tracks them to see if the address associated with them changes. Each month members will be notified if the system sees what it thinks may be an unauthorized address change.

*SureAddress – It’s not too uncommon for thieves to change the address of one of his or her victims using the U.S. Post Office. This service lets members know of any move requests submitted using their addresses. They will also be notified of what information was included on such a request.

Guard Dog ID Premium and Superior Plans
People who want even greater peace of mind can sign up for a more extensive plan. Both the Premium and Superior Plans provide the following:

*Credit Reports and Scores – Each member can check his or her credit report securely over the Internet. Premium members will get a report from Experian only, and Superior members will get a report from all three bureaus. Members can order reports whenever they like.

*Credit Monitoring – This service allows members to see new activity on their credit reports as soon as it occurs. They will be notified by email so they can see exactly what activity is occurring. Like with reports and scores, Premium members will get Experian monitoring only and Superior members receive daily 3 bureau credit monitoring.

*PayDay Loan – Members will be notified if anyone tries to take out a payday loan using their information.

Customer Service
Customer support is available by calling 1-866-422-7058. You can also submit an online inquiry through the service’s website. Guard Dog’s staff is American based in Florida.

It is unclear if CSIdentity will continue offering this service