Debix Review

April 7, 2011

NOTE:Debix has changed their name to All Clear ID and this service is no longer available to consumers

Debix offers a leading technology identity protection service. They protect you from identity theft by monitoring your credit accounts and notifying you of any changes. Though this seems like regular credit monitoring, Debix is much more than that. Debix sends secure Credit Alerts to you immediately by phone, not email. And unlike ordinary credit monitoring, there are no duplicate or insignificant alerts, just specific, actionable information needed to stop the damage. In other words, your only notified – when you need to be – and you can be immediately connected to an OnCall Investigator.

Lets explain that point a bit further. With normal credit monitoring you are emailed every little change even when they obviously have nothing to do with identity theft. After seeing so many of these emails come into your inbox you eventually just start ignoring them or even deleting them and when something important comes along you miss it. Not so with Debix Identity Protection as these insignificant changes are filtered.

How the Debix service works is that it uses a service called OnCall Credit Alerts. With this service, a special phone number is placed in your credit file at all three bureaus and if there are any changes to this file, Debix’s proprietary system calls you to let you know about that change. When they make the call, Debix will reroute it simultaneously to your cell phone, home phone and work phone. The call will begin with a recording of your voice, one you pre-record when you sign up, so that you’ll know the call is from a legitimate source. Then you will be asked to authorize the change by pressing 1 on your phone or you can press the star key if you suspect it to be fraudulent.

Pressing the star key is all you will have to do to be connected to a Debix OnCall Investigator. This licensed private investigator will further investigate the fraud. So not only will your credit be protected before any real damage is done, but you have a leg up on catching the thief before he attempts the crime on someone else or attempts to take advantage of your credit or finances again. It also gives you and the licensed investigator an opportunity to explore how your information got exposed so you can seal the leak.

So not only are you notified less often but when an identity theft attack occurs you are automatically connected to an investigator. Compare that to receiving an email that tells you a new account has been opened in your name and very little to no other details. You then have to figure out on your own what to do about it, and even when you find which company it was calling and telling them you didn’t open the account doesn’t typically get solved easily… certainly not like it would with Debix and a licensed investigator on your side.

In addition to this service, Debix offers a traditional identity theft insurance plan, featuring a $1,000,000 identity insurance policy provided by AIG. This protects anyone who is on the Debix plan that becomes victimized by identity thieves. This service provides you with access to experts in identity theft recovery 24 hours a day as well as an Identity Theft Recovery Kit. This kit is a package that you will receive in the mail that has everything you need to know to get your identity restored to its former glory as efficiently as possible, from contact information for the authorities to samples of letters to send to your credit card company. You are not left alone though, you can contact a Debix identity theft specialist to help you with any of your concerns.

The insurance product also provides relief from the expenses associated with being a victim of identity theft. Not just the money that was spent fraudulently, but the legal costs, lost wages, notary expenses, application fees, etc. Debix understands what a hassle the process can be, and how frustrating it can be so they are their for you every step of the way to ease your pain and reduce your anxiety.

Speaking of costs, as far as identity theft coverage goes, Debix is very inexpensive. For an individual plan, the cost is $14.95 a month.  This includes both the OnCall Credit Alerts and the identity theft insurance for that one low price. Debix also offers identity theft protection for children at the cost of $4.95 per month per child.

Debix has great customer service and associates are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CST. The company is based in Texas and is well respected by privacy and identity theft experts even receiving an endorsement from the Identity Theft Resource Center, a non-profit organization.

In all seriousness, it is important to have a service like Debix in this day and age. Data breaches exposed the personal information of 100’s of millions of Americans in the last few years, meaning every day the odds are turning more towards the fact that your information will end up in the wrong hands. Ask the 10 million identity theft victims each year. In fact, identity theft has become the fastest growing crime in the United States.

Though you can’t always prevent identity thieves from accessing your personal information, with Debix you can at least stop them before they do anything to harm you financially and emotionally.

In summary, here are the main Debix advantages:
You receive actionable OnCall Credit Alerts immediately by phone and no “insignificant changes”.
Live Debix OnCall Investigators assist you if an attack occurs and help file cases with law enforcement.
Comprehensive identity restoration services and $1,000,000 in identity theft insurance coverage if necessary.