TrustedID Review

November 18, 2018

Please Note: As of June 2016 TrustedID is no longer operating as a brand of Equifax. Please see our reviews of LifeLock or Identity Guard.

TrustedID is a very strong identity theft protection company with a service that is second to none. Their service offers complete protection from identity fraud and they back their service with a $1 million guarantee and identity theft experts to help restore your good name in the unlikely event you do become a victim.

TrustedID is great for families as it’s the only credit monitoring service that offers a family plan covering everyone living in the same household. So those who take care of an elderly parent or have a large family can save a lot with this discount.

Trusted ID’s suite of products for consumers is entitled IDEssentials, and contains several products that provide a comprehensive protection plan to help prevent thieves from damaging your credit, stealing your identity and creating havoc with your life. Here are the details.

The first line of defense in TrustedID’s identity protection arsenal is there daily 3 bureau credit monitoring (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) with bonus credit score. This will notify you promptly via email of changes in your credit accounts that you can then check to make sure that all transactions are legit.

TrustedID also gives you an easy-to-understand way to gauge your risk of identity theft, called an Identity Threat Score, by assigning a score between 0 and 500 with 0 meaning you are not at risk. They calculate this score by using advanced technology, previously only available to large financial institutions, to search millions of public and private database records and then analyze the information (including personal, financial, credit, and more) for patterns that could indicate if you are – or are about to become – a victim of identity theft. These scan are routinely done and are the leading fraud detection tool.

TrustedID will also send you a free copy of your credit report from each of the three bureaus on a yearly basis, without you even having to request them. Trusted ID also monitors your credit card and bank account numbers in addition to your Social Security number, so you will get an email if any unusual activity is detected, as soon as it occurs, to help thwart any attempts to compromise your identity or credit. For example, when TrustedID finds your information online in a place where it shouldn’t be. There are many black market internet sites run by criminal organizations that routinely sell our private information and Trusted ID monitors them daily.

Fewer eyes should be passing across your credit file once you sign up for TrustedID. The company will remove your name and information from solicitors’ lists so third parties will not have access to your private credit information for marketing purposes thus cutting your junkmail and stopping those pre-approved credit card offers that thieves love to steal.

TrustedID offers a warranty of up to a million dollars if identity theft does occur while you’re a member. This money can be used to cover expenses you incur in recovering your good name, such as application fees for new credit, legal fees, and any missed work due to problems with your employment qualifications, etc. You will also gain access to company-provided services to help you restore your identity as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is great to know that if your identity was compromised you would have trained professionals on your side.

TrustedID has a 24-hour, 7 days a week customer service line staffed by experts in the field. The company can be contacted anytime if you have a problem, for any general questions or concerns you have about protecting your identity in addition to questions regarding its specific products and services.

Another thing that makes TrustedID stand out is the fact that it allows you the ability to “freeze” your credit at your discretion at all three bureaus. With the CreditLock service, you can place a “lock” on your credit files, denying both companies and individuals access to it. This means that even if you want to open a new account that you will have to contact TrustedID and “unlock” your credit files so a legitimate credit check can be done, such as when you are applying for a loan. This is a much easier task than contacting all three bureaus though it still takes a day or two to make your credit report available to creditors. There is an extra fee that varies by state for this additional service but it is great to know that if you are under attack you could simply call Trusted ID and take this extra precautionary step.

Trusted ID costs $170 per year for individual protection or $300 per year for family coverage.