Michigan Mortgage Company Victim of Computer Intrusion

March 26, 2013

Mortgage company Shore Mortgage of Michigan has contacted clients by letter in regards to an unauthorized computer intrusion by an unknown third party. Their servers were accessed, leaving client information exposed. This personal information includes that of names, addresses, birthdates, drivers’ license numbers, Social Security numbers, and other financial account information that was collected by the company.

The access occurred around the beginning of December 2012, and the company was made aware that the incident occurred on January 31, 2013. An investigation has been ongoing, and the proper authorities have been notified.

Clients who may have had their information accessed are being furnished with information on obtaining free credit report monitoring through the ProtectMyID website, which offers twelve months of protection. Clients are also encouraged to monitor their financial accounts for unusual or suspicious behavior.

Clients Notified of Stolen Back-Up Take

March 25, 2013

The First National Bank of Southern California recently sent letters to clients notifying them of a recent incident involving their personal banking and contact information, including Social Security numbers. A back-up tape was stolen from the bank’s data service provider on February 1st and has not been recovered. While authorities have been notified about the incident, the company is contacting everyone involved to release information regarding what happened and to share with those affected information in obtaining free credit monitoring services through Experience with ProtectMyID Alert products. Customers are also encouraged to change their online banking passwords and monitor financial accounts for unusual or unauthorized activity.

Homeowners Association Server Stolen

March 21, 2013

The personal information, as well as bank information, of individuals who belong to the Florida Association in Osceola, Polk, and Orange counties are being notified of a computer server which was stolen in mid-February from Florida Association Management’s office. This personal information is now at risk for identity theft, and since the server has not yet been recovered, the information could be used inappropriately. Those who belong to these homeowner associations are encourage to monitor their bank accounts, watch their credit reports, and consider identity theft protection services to protect their information from being misused.

Social Security Numbers Exposed in Mailing

March 20, 2013

The North Carolina Department of State Treasurer is in the process of notifying some 26,000 individuals regarding a number of envelopes that were mailed by Professional Mail Services during the month of January that displayed recipients’ Social Security numbers through the envelope window. This was purely unintentional, but can result in identity theft if someone found and utilized this information inappropriately. The mailings included 1099R tax forms for retired individuals.

Anyone who had received their 1099R in the mail in the state of North Carolina should be concerned about this incident. Credit monitoring services can be beneficial in helping individuals protect their financial data from being used inappropriately.

Cyber Security Attack Results in Over 100,000 Customers Risking Identity Theft

March 19, 2013

Central Hudson Gas and Electric is contacting approximately 110,000 of its customers who may have been affected by a computer cyber security hack which left account information exposed. These customers are being contracted by mail regarding the incident, and the company is offering its customers a year of credit monitoring services to help them protect their accounts.

Identity Theft Risk for Hospice Patients

March 18, 2013

Patients that are part of the Heyman HospiceCare at Floyd in Rome, Georgia are currently being contacted regarding a recent incident in which a company laptop was missing from a current employee’s car on January 4th, 2013. The laptop did not have encryption, but was password-protected. Regardless, the company is concerned about the access of information, and is contacting individuals to provide information on obtaining one year of free credit monitoring services through one of the three top credit bureaus. Individuals should watch their financial accounts closely to ensure they are not being used inappropriately or that unauthorized transactions are occurring.

Bank Employees Victim of Account Hack

March 14, 2013

Approximately 4,000 employees of the Federal Reserve Bank are in the process of protecting their accounts after an anonymous hacker accessed the website of the bank and posted a list of logins and passwords. With this information, anyone could access the accounts of officers and bank presidents, resulting in unauthorized use of accounts.

The company became aware of the incident when the data was found online, and the bankers were notified to change their passwords and monitor their accounts closely. This may cause problems for those who use the same usernames and passwords for other accounts such as emails and social networking sites, in which hackers could also access more personal information that can be used to conduct identity theft.

Individuals who may have been victim to this incident are strongly encouraged to change their passwords, check their accounts for unusual activity, and consider signing up for credit monitoring services to make sure that there is not any unauthorized charges on their accounts.

Company Mails Letters with Social Security Numbers Visible

March 8, 2013

Schneider Electric of Palatine, Illinois recently sent out letters to employees regarding their Employee Share Plan that inadvertently had Social Security numbers visible on the mailing window. It also included the individual’s name and address, making this information vulnerable to use by identity thieves.

The company is apologizing for the incident, and has notified the company that sent the bulk mail about the incident to ensure that it does not happen in the future. However, individuals who are affected by this will want to monitor their accounts for financial loss or unusual activities on their accounts. They are offering a year of credit monitoring services for those affected, and also encourage these individuals to closely monitor their financial accounts for anything suspicious.

Washington Company Server Accessed by Potential Hacker

March 1, 2013

The company of Crafts Americana Group, based in Vancouver, Washington, is sending letters notifying customers of a recent data hack that occurred over the Christmas holidays. This incident involves the websites of,, and These websites were accessed without authorization, and the incident was discovered on January 25, 2013. Internet servers that stored customer information, including contact data and credit card numbers, were available for several weeks to outsiders. Due to this incident, the company is taking the steps to protect its customers from identity theft. Individuals are encouraged to obtain their free credit report through the three main credit bureaus or, and should monitor their accounts for suspicious or unusual use. Credit report monitoring services are also recommended as a way to proactively protect financial accounts.

Website Hacked and Credit Card Numbers Accessed

February 28, 2013

Individuals who had made purchases on between November 14th of 2012 and January 22, 2013 are being identity theft protection services through Kroll Information Assurance. This is because it was discovered that there was a hacker who accessed credit card purchases during this time that may result in unauthorized used of credit cards and debit cards that were used via the website. While the information is not stored on the company servers, the information was passed through to the credit card companies for authorization and was accessed during this time. The activity was discovered, stopped, and reported, and the investigation is still underway.

If you shopped on the website during this time, you should have received a letter in the mail with information on how to sign up and start your identity protection services through Kroll Information Assurance. These individuals are also asked to obtain their free credit report through to closely monitor their accounts and protect their financial standing.

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