10,000 Patients at Risk after 10,000 Credit Card Numbers Accessed by Hacker

June 6, 2013

The Presbyterian Anesthesia Associates company in North Carolina is sending information to approximately 10,000 patients whose records may have been accessed by a hacker. A database with personal information such as contact data and credit card numbers was hacked by an unauthorized individual and may put these patients at risk for identity theft.

While the company has contacted the FBI and launched an investigation, neither was offering comments to local news stations. The company has since hired a firm that deals with identity theft which is contacting patients regarding free credit monitoring services due to the recent incident.

Important Patient Information Accidently Emailed by Employee

June 4, 2013

The MED in Memphis, Tennessee is contacting outpatients of their hospital after an employee accidently sent out three files via email with sensitive information such as Social Security numbers and contact data. Approximately 1,200 patients treated between May of 2012 and January 2013 are affected.

The company is in the process of notifying these individuals about the incident to offer a year of credit monitoring services for free. This is a precaution to assist in maintaining the integrity of patient information.

160,000 Social Security Numbers and 1 Million Driver License Numbers Accessed

June 2, 2013

The Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts has announced to the public that databases on the website may have been accessed by unauthorized individuals, putting over one million at risk for identity theft. Individuals that had been jailed between September of 2011 and December of 2012 may have had their Social Security numbers accessed, while individuals with a traffic case (from 2011 to 2012) or DUI (from 1989 to 2011) may have had their driver license information accessed. This information, when used inappropriately, can result in identity theft.

Individuals concerned about their information or who want further data about this situation are encouraged to visit a special website set up for this data breach at Individuals might also want to monitor financial and personal accounts while considering the benefits of identity theft protection services.

MAPCO Locations across the US Notifying Customers of Potential Security Breach

June 1, 2013

MAPCO Express, a convenience store chain, is currently notifying customers of a recent security breach. It is believed that locations in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, Virginia, Kentucky, and Mississippi may have been affected by malware which can be used to access credit card numbers for the use of identity theft.

The company is investigating the situation and has removed the malware from their systems. systems. However, individuals who may have used a credit or debit card at any of these locations in March between the 19th and the 25th and on the 14th, 15th, 19th, and 20th of April may be affected.

Individuals who have used their credit or debit cards at these MAPCO locations during these dates are encouraged to consider credit monitoring services and to closely monitor personal financial accounts for unusual activities.

Patient Files Left Abandoned at Old Lakeshore Mental Health Institute Facility

May 29, 2013

An ex-employee of the Lakeshore Mental Health Institute was walking past her old place of employment which closed in June of 2012 and noticed paperwork with sensitive information readily available and easily accessible. This paperwork was left in the abandoned location with the door wide open. It is unsure if the paperwork had been left there since the closure or if it had been placed there after the fact.

Anyone who may have been admitted or connected with the Lakeshore Mental Health Institute are encouraged to consider credit monitoring services to protect financial and personal accounts that may be accessed with the information. Individuals dating back to 1995 are at risk.

Over 5,000 Maine Residents Vulnerable for Identity Theft

May 27, 2013

Over 5,000 residents who have applied for positions at Central Maine Power may be vulnerable to identity theft after a cyber attack allowed unauthorized access to documentation that contained personally identifiable information. This information was obtained by residents who applied online through an online application system as far back as six years ago. This information was kept in a separate database and system than information regarding the company’s customers. The company has made the system temporarily unavailable during this time as they apply security upgrades to the system and reevaluating the security structure.

Those affected are entitled to a year of credit report monitoring services through Central Maine Power, and will be receiving a written letter explaining the incident further and providing information on obtaining the credit monitoring services.

Armed Robbery Results in Lost Electronic Media

May 21, 2013

The Kmart Pharmacy in Little Rock, Arkansas is notifying pharmacy customers of a recent break-in that resulted in the theft of electronic media which stored a complete back-up of the pharmacy computer system. This electronic media was stolen on March the when an armed gunman lured an assistant manager back into the store after closing time. $6,000 was also taken. On the electronic media stolen were customer contact information, birth dates, social security numbers, and prescription data. Anyone who has received prescriptions from the Little Rock, Arkansas Kmart Pharmacy are encouraged to consider third party identity theft protection services.

Teavana Patrons Linked to Identity Theft Ring

May 18, 2013

Patrons of the tea store Teavana are being linked to an identity theft ring due to a data breach on the company’s servers. There have been a number of reports of credit cards being cloned and used at Target stores to purchase very high valued gift cards. The number of counterfeit purchases is unknown at this time, but as banks continue to research, it has been found that these card numbers are being obtained from Teavana’s past customers.

Anyone who has visited a Teavana location in the United States may be at risk, and should strongly consider signing up with a credit monitoring service to ensure protection of their financial accounts. Any unusual or unauthorized activities on an individual’s credit cards should also be noted with the corresponding bank.

Berkeley City Staff Contacted Regarding Large Data Breach

May 9, 2013

Over 10,000 individuals that work for Berkeley City are currently being contacted regarding a recent data breach. A file which included the personal information of some 11,0000 municipal employees was accessed and leaves social security numbers, income reports, and other personally identifiable information at risk for identity theft.

The city is in the process of sending out letters to both active and retired employees and staff members regarding the incident. It also includes information regarding identity theft protection services and the steps one can take to monitor financial accounts for unauthorized use of information.

Memphis Area Adult Literacy Charity Investigating Improper Dumping of Sensitive Financial Documents

May 6, 2013

In Memphis, Tennessee, the adult literacy charity, Literacy Mid-South, is currently investigating why years of documentation ended up unshredded and dumped in an outside, publicly-accessible dumpster. The paperwork includes cancelled checks, social security numbers, and expense reports with tax ID numbers, all which can be used for financial identity theft.

The director of the charity, Kevin Dean, is unaware how the paperwork ended up in the dumpster. The office of his charity is moving, and paperwork was being converted to digital records. During this switchover, workers were instructed to shred the paperwork while maintaining the paperwork from 2005 onward. This was not done, and may result in identity theft of thousands of donors and board of director members. The group is currently investigation, and anyone who has donated or worked for Literacy Mid- South are encouraged to consider credit report monitoring services to maintain proper financial records.

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